Instead of lifting weights at a Chicago-area gym where he’s trained for the past four years, Green Bay Packers defensive lineman Dean Lowry now does pushups and situps at home and tries to find ways to run outside.

It’s not ideal, but it’s the best the former Boylan star can do for the moment. And he wants other Boylan students to continue to do their best even while they are stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"I’d like to stress to keep your discipline," Lowry said in a virtual interview on YouTube with Boylan principal Chris Rozanski that was designed as a morale boost for students. "I know you have more freedom, but use this time to be productive, keep learning and improve yourself physically and mentally.

"When it comes back to school and sports, you want to be a step ahead. Use this to your advantage. Don’t relax just because it’s quarantine time. Find ways in a safe way to be productive."

Rosanski said he reached out to Lowry "in an effort to connect with our kids. I am still trying to create some semblance of a school experience for them."

Here are some other highlights from Lowry’s interview with Rosanski:

He was back in Rockford to celebrate Easter with his parents and three sisters. "We played a lot of board games, played some Scrabble. It became pretty competitive."

Lowry roots for people, not teams. "I was a White Sox fan growing up, and I’m trying to follow them more again. I love watching the Bulls. When I was here, I went to a few games. But mostly it’s in my sport. Rockford is Big Ten country. I loved watching J.J. Watt when he was at Wisconsin. It was cool this past offseason in training camp, we had a joint practice with the Texans. I got to meet him, shake his hand and thank him for being a great role model. I cheer more for athletes and people than sports teams at this point."

Lowry says stars are regular people. "Most professional athletes and celebrities are pretty down to earth. The biggest celebrity on our team is Aaron Rodgers. He is someone who is very approachable. You can have a conversation about anything with him, whether it’s current events or history or what’s going on in the sports world."

Being a virtual Packer. Lowry says he will start Zoom meetings with the Packers in two weeks to go over game plan changes for next year and review last year’s films. But mostly he is waiting for the NFL to lift its lockdown. "The NFL office said it’s all virtual until May 15. After that we will reassess, see where the communities are at and see if we can get some on-field training in. But until mid-May, we’re in the same boat as everybody else: virtual meetings and getting workouts in at home."

Matt Trowbridge:; @matttrowbridge