I’m absolutely loving this.

Can’t tell you when I’ve been so happy.

Not sure what a pandemic is, though I see it on TV a lot. All I know is that I’ve been enjoying time with my best friend.

Dad – he prefers I call him that rather than Master – retired a couple months ago. So, I was planning to see him more than I used to. But nearly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? That’s much more than a dog could want, though I’m not complaining.

He’s always been good to me. Loves me, feeds me, takes me out for exercise and other “business”, lets me sleep when and where ever I want – oh, and is generous with treats when I’ve been a good girl.

Dad even gives me a couple treats when he has to leave the house. Kind of an extra incentive to behave. But that hasn’t happened much lately.

Sure, he grocery shops once a week and occasionally goes out for a walk, but 99% of the time it’s now just him and me. Isn’t that great?

Cleaning, laundry, doing dishes fills a little of his time, however he mostly plops into his easy chair to surf the net and do crosswords. Oh, and he watches tons of TV. Some are movies or crime shows – lots of Law and Order, which even I could now recite line by line. That’s OK because my seat is always right next to my Dad. He’s so warm – it’s wonderful.

Then there’s the news.

Whether on-line, TV or radio, it all seems to be the same thing. Facts, figures and analysis about this pandemic and how it’s affecting everybody’s life and possibly their future. It seems to be scaring people, including my Dad.

I can sense when he’s uncomfortable, anxious or frustrated. I’ve felt a lot of that lately, especially as he hears the latest about this pandemic. As I mentioned, I usually don’t get to see my Dad for days on end. He likes to be with people. He has lots of friends, is involved in the community and would be spending time at the golf course about now.

I’d like to think that I’m helping. He keeps telling me how he wouldn’t be able to make it through all this without me. I know he means it because he gives me a hug or pat on the head when he says it.

I’m a smart dog, so I know this situation is not going to last forever. There will be a day when I’ll be seeing Dad heading out the door more frequently. And though I’ll be getting two treats every time he does, I won’t be happy, but I understand. It will be good for him and what he needs after all of this. Isn’t that what we all wish for the people we love?

I understand that even when he’s not here he still loves me. I’ll be fed and taken outdoors and we’ll still have our together time. So, to my fellow pet brethren, enjoy this time with your best friend. They need you now more than ever. While it’s a special time for all of us, it’s not so much for them.

Be well.

Tally Robinson – as related to Mike “Dad” Robinson