The answer to the continuing discussion about the location of Rock Valley College’s Advanced Technology Center should be obvious. The Rockford Register Star building is the best option. With the resurgence of the downtown area, students will be provided options for dining, shopping and entertainment. Now with the new Amerock (Embassy Suites) Hotel and Convention Center so close, RVC will also be able to hold the weight of the machines that will be used during instruction.

The airport location is lacking many of these resources. The part I find frustrating about all of this is the lack of discussion the RVC board and president have had with the community. When I was on the board, we hosted a press conference in collaboration with the mayor, county board chairman and members of the business community in an effort to lay out our plans and get feedback regarding the plans to build the Health Sciences Center and transition the Stenstrom Center to the ATC.

The current board certainly has the right to change the ATC location from the Stenstrom Center, but where is the discussion with the community? The many times I was the board chairman, this is not how we ran things. We wanted the community to be informed and help inform us of the needs of the community. I thought RVC was the communities’ college. Why is the board not hearing that the community wants the ATC to be built at the RRStar building?

I hope the RVC board makes the right choice and selects the RRStar building as the new location of the ATC.

— Randy Schaefer, former Rock Valley College board chairman and trustee