On Thursday, columnist Marc Thiessen opined that the pandemic is an indictment of socialized medicine. I submit his position is wrong-headed.

Universal health care in European countries and almost every other country in the world has proven to be a successful and competent health care system available to all citizens.

He says that our system has left us far better positioned to combat this pandemic than other nations. Oh? True, if you are privileged enough to have health insurance or that allows you to stay socially distant, stay clean and you are not forced by economic or racial inequity to live in tightly packed urban areas.

He suggests that health care rationing does not happen in the United States. That is untrue. Physicians in hot spots are making medical care rationing calls. There’s plenty of evidence to support this point.

The reasons for the effects of this pandemic here are properly called out in the column. The health care system is not to blame. This administration ignored and minimized the virulence of this disease for weeks that should have been used to prepare. It didn’t and the U.S. population is suffering the consequences.

-Karl Bronn, Freeport