President Trump has taken the unprecedented step of having the president's own name printed on the treasury stimulus checks. It's as if the money was somehow coming from him, turning the stimulus into a campaign promotion.

Meanwhile, he claims that he has total authority to reopen the economy, even though he didn't accept any responsibility for closing it down, leaving that to the states. Ironically, much of the reason we even need those stimulus checks is due to his own inaction and deadly missteps in dealing with the potential pandemic during February. And such big-government total authority seems to violate core Republican principles.

So, if the reopening is successful, he can claim credit. And if he reopens too soon and causes an even greater catastrophe, presumably he will try to use more taxpayer dollars for another round of stimulus checks to further promote himself and his campaign.

David J. Roberts, associate professor emeritus of Accountancy, DePaul University