We now have a choice as individuals, leaders and a country to summon our better angels or to sink into a version of “The Lord of the Flies.” If we become tribal, we will go it alone, country by country, county by county against this virus.

Tribal is when the federal government owns ventilators and complains when governors share concerns and the Federal Emergency Management Agency refuses to take over the supply chain.

Tribal means we leave immigrants at the Southern border to fend for themselves during this virus.

Tribal means death threats to Anthony Fauci and accolades to a narcissist.

Global means nation to nation, state to state, county to county, neighbor to neighbor, we take responsibility and step up to act in the interest of others.

We gather resources and send them to hotspots as needed without political posturing.

Global means putting community first — the common good first — over individual and political rights and posturing. Global means having the humility to accept others and embrace ways I may not be comfortable with.

Global ways summons our better angels. It is time for each one of us to care for the greater good.

This crisis is a dangerous opportunity for the human race to chart a new course. Are you up to the challenge?

— The Rev. Kenneth R. Storck, Rockford