As a LaSalle County resident and a lifelong Democrat, I would like to let county residents and those in surrounding counties in the 16th Congressional District know of some encouraging and useful news, some heartening news in the face of the COVID-19 epidemic. Dani Brzozowski, who is running for office on the Democratic ticket, has switched over the majority of her field activity to calling senior citizens (those over 60) to check in on them. The goal is to give support and information to individuals who may need that contact as they stay at home during this trying time.

These volunteers have been trained to give information about how constituents can receive their stimulus checks, as well as provide an extensive resource guide so volunteers can share contact information for community resources that voters may need.

For instance, the callers have at hand contact information for social agencies, mental health organizations, food banks, suicide prevention services and domestic violence aid. An exhaustive list includes information on meal delivery services, food pantries, child care information and more. The resource list extends district wide, with information for those in counties near and far: Winnebago, Ford, Livingston, Iroquois, DeKalb, Lee and Ogle, etc.

The team effort is using the campaign infrastructure to function as a resource to the local community and the greater district. The effort is a model for the way the office could continue to do real public service work in future.

This sort of outreach by Dani Brzozowski’s team is making the isolation and stay at home days more bearable for individuals feeling out of touch. The calls, whether the person on the other end of the line needs information of a particular service or not, help to bridge that gap and do the humane work of staying in touch.

— Janice Wolff, Earlville