This COVID-19 economic shutdown was handled wrongly and without thoughtful oversight. The burden and risk of exposure should have been shared. Now we have people deemed essential feeling very put upon, and shuttered businesses and employees deemed non-essential wondering, according to who? Certainly not the tax collector... sharing the burden would have made this a "were all in this together" approach.

There are plenty of ways businesses could have remained open, as many are now limiting customers to a percentage of occupancy, along with all the other mitigating options for reducing exposure. Plus, we can't keep treating the whole nation as if it's New York City.

Responses to COVID-19 should be decided locally and escalated according to regional statistics and changing conditions, not broadly thrown at the entire nation and world.

Dr Fauci stated in the New England Journal of Medicine on March 26, 2020, that the overall impact this virus will most likely see is approximately a 0.1% pandemic death rate, more akin to a severe influenza season. And for this, we’re destroying the economy?

Do you all realize what printing all this mone, to pay for the recently passed COVID19 recovery legislation is going to do to inflation?

— Robert Pace, Rockford