I had the unfortunate (and stupid) experience of shopping at a local grocery recently. The aisles were crowded with customers and staff. To get to the milk, an employee and her friend were standing right in front of the case yacking away and did not move. I had to come in very close contact with them (and other people) as I tried to get needed products. In fact I could not get to the eggs because there was a big pallet of stuff in the way too and had to go down the liquor aisle and wend my way back past people to get to the eggs.

The store's hand sanitizer was out. There is no place inside or out to throw away a dirty glove or sanitizing towel. Who knows how many people have handled the shopping carts. Produce is set out for everyone to breath on as is the meat and nearly everything else in the store. COVID-19 is an airborne micro-virus. Breathing spreads it. So the fewer people in the tiny store the better. Yet I have witnessed many couples, young and old alike shopping together. I've even seen two adult women, carrying an infant with two adolescents in tow - apparently shopping for one. Wow. These folks really don't get it. None of them.

Also, I have seen super-senior people shopping alone. These folks should find someone young to shop for them. Or, the store should provide for curbside delivery. Old folks, including me (66), should stay out of grocery stores.

The checkout clerks are wearing gloves, but not masks, they have touched countless other people's breathed on products and they touch yours as well. Wash all produce, and meat packaging, before use - and it would not hurt to sanitize all else, too. Consider shopping off peak hours when fewer people are in the store. PLEASE SHOP ALONE - with a list! And don't hoard, and don't go to the store for "something to do." Go for an outdoors hike if you are feeling cooped up (although staying in place is far better).

It may soon come that you would not be allowed in the store. You'll have to order ahead by calling or online with pick-up outside or delivery - this would really curtail the spread of the virus. In the meanwhile shop sensibly and minimally.

— Allen Penticoff, Brodhead, Wisconsin