"What is different is the childlike method. I would suggest that Johnson (and his fellow travelers) hold their breath, stomp their feet and scream out loud until mommy soothes them with cookies and cocoa."

You actually typed the way that Trump acts. Change the words Johnson (and his fellow travelers) to Trump (and his fellow conmen). Read his tweets, watch his actions at rallies, watch and listen to his theatrics on TV. He is not capable of telling the truth, understanding the Constitution or of empathy. You may not think empathy is important, but it is needed in these trying times. Humans are humans no matter how much money they have or what color their skin is.

It is sad that you believe Trump's lies. Trump worships dictators, Un and Putin; you mentioned Stalin and Hitler, he probably likes them as well. If you write back, please include the things that Trump has done for you. I am very interested.

— Avon Sulser, Rockford