It was interesting to read John Eckberg and Jeff Bieck’s criticisms of Harlan Johnson’s "Mute PINO" piece in the context of Trump’s idiotic statement of two days earlier, suggesting we run trials injecting people with disinfectants to cure COVID-19. A suggestion that was so inane and irresponsible that a major manufacturer of disinfectant felt compelled to issue a strong public warning against using its products in this way.

Most of us would have enough common sense not to use a disinfectant internally, however, there are a few who could take the suggestion seriously and actually follow Trump’s lead with serious, if not fatal, results. Like any of our cherished freedoms, free speech has limits. It carries responsibility, and certainly the president has added responsibility because of the weight of the office, not to say things that are stupid and dangerous.

I will go back and read Harlan Johnson again. I think he had it right.

— Brad Townsend, Byron