I understand that Gov. JB Pritzker will use a "fact-based data driven" process in setting policy to reopen businesses.

Here are some facts for the governor to consider:

1. Since March 1, 650,000 Illinois citizens have lost their jobs.

2. As of April 17 1,134 Illinois citizens have died from COVID-19.

3. On average 3,500 Illinois citizens die annually from the flu.

4. Grocery stores, hardware stores and restaurants (curbside/delivery) have remained open and COVID-19 has not spread unchecked through Illinois.

5. The current policy (school and business closures) was not designed to save lives. It was intended to "Flatten the Curve" (slow the spread of Covid 19) not "minimize the area under the curve" (reduce the total number infected).

How many lives will the current policy ruin to simply "Flatten the Curve?" So far, that policy has placed 650,000 Illinois citizens on unemployment, created food lines on a magnitude not seen since the great depression, bankrupt numerous businesses and destroyed countless lives.

A more balanced, fact driven and compassionate direction is indeed in order. Businesses need to be reopened and Illinois’ citizens freed to provide for themselves. Government policy should eflect that.

— Walt Peters, Rockford