OREGON — The University of Illinois Plant Clinic has adjusted operations in accordance with state and university guidelines for COVID-19.

The clinic is running on a reduced staff in accordance with social distancing guidelines. As a result, fewer staff are in the lab and staff members have a reduced ability to return phone calls. The clinic asks that clients send emails to plantclinic@illinois.edu, which can be replied to by staff members even when they are not present in the lab. People can also leave voicemails.

The clinic is currently accepting the following types of samples:

– Phytosanitary samples submitted for diagnostic testing necessary for the movement and/or sale of plant material.

– Commercial samples submitted by agronomic and horticultural industry personnel. This includes field and specialty crop producers, nursery staff, arborists, landscapers, and other green professionals. These are samples submitted as part of a business.

– Insect identification if the pest is a suspect human pest (bed bug, tick, etc.). Contact the clinic for additional information before submitting this type of sample.

– Samples suspected to be infected or infested with a regulated plant pest. These include European gypsy moth, spotted lanternfly, sudden oak death, and boxwood blight.

– Food produce plant samples (fruit and vegetable production). To support safe, accessible food production, we are continuing to accept production plant samples regardless of the source.

Samples can be submitted by mail or dropped off at the clinic with slight changes in procedure.

Mail sample methods:

– USPS: Recommended. Email the Plant Clinic with the tracking number, if there is one. USPS mail is currently arriving only once per week.

– FedEx: Email the clinic the tracking number. Currently, FedEx is not delivering to the building, so clinic staff have to pick up packages (which they won’t know to expect without a tracking number).

– UPS: Not recommended at this time because the clinic has not been able to set up a way to pick up samples shipped through UPS.

Dropping off samples:

– Samples can be left in a large, green, drop-off box located at the south doors of Turner Hall (opposite the greenhouse). A map of the drop-off location is pictured below. Sample submission forms and pens are available in the box. The box is checked daily.

For information: 217-333-0519; plantclinic@illinois.edu; web.extension.illinois.edu/plantclinic.