"Prove all things." (1 John 4:1) Those words are over 2,000 years old and yet, they remain the remedy for the sick world humankind is unconsciously creating. I know this is absolute because that message is constant throughout history.

One-hundred and seventy-six years ago, it was defined as the principle of independent investigation. I call it the Rose of Contemplation. Its fragrance heals the world by widening our scope of understanding. Without this gift, we cannot redefine current issues nor apply a spiritual remedy to a chronic spiritual illness. Thus, we delay Heaven on Earth.

Let’s break off the shackles of blind belief. Is the current standard of capitalism in line with God’s Word? Politics? Is the Golden Rule a driving force? What about defining pro-life exclusively as a fetus’ right to be born? Doesn’t that bend the scales toward injustice? Yes. However, we restore it by marrying the metaphysical with the physical. This vision has individual and collective human rights woven in the same fabric.

This vision doesn’t put profit over people and the planet. This vision embraces science and embodies justice. It’s the epitome of why Abdul-Baha says independent investigation is essential: so, the world of humanity is saved from the darkness of imitation.

— Rhonda Parsons, Rockford