I’m not the only one who suspects that the coronavirus was either deliberately, or accidently, produced by a science laboratory in Wuhan, China. After all, most civilized countries strive to find the most devastating of weapons with which to slew their enemies. Think mustard gas (WWI) and the atom bomb (WWII). It is what countries do.

Remember 9/11 (World Trade Center)? It was simply the worst way the Islam militants could do us harm. The fact that Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates funded the terrorist group complicated matters. Did those countries reimburse us for American lives lost?

Now, I believe the Chinese are working on new ways to destroy their enemies.

Another point about this pandemic, I can’t believe how our news media, mostly TV, is displaying people who are crying and mourning their lost loved ones. Would it not be more helpful if the news people told the viewers how the deceased possibly acquired the disease, and how many people this person came in contact with? If we are “all in this together” as the media says, then they ought to be more helpful, and not simply prey on our emotions.

Yesterday on TV, some doffer “expert” said that half the world’s population will die before the coronavirus comes to an end. Good grief!

— Alice Kaczmarek, Rockford