A recent estimate of the cost of the COVID-19 lockdown on the U.S. economy is $1.7 trillion. Add to that the cost of the first round of the $2.2 trillion economic stimulus package for a total combined cost of a staggering $3.9 trillion. Divide that by the estimated 2 million deaths that could occur in the U.S. if the virus had remained unchecked and you get a whopping cost of $1.95 million per each life saved. Can we, as a nation, afford this?

Now before you trot out the old diatribe: "if only one life is saved"… let us also consider that a recent study in Santa Clara County indicates that the rate of infection is much higher than previously thought, therefore suggesting a much lower mortality rate, perhaps nearing that of the common flu.

Sweden has taken a different approach than the rest of the world and has not imposed a hard lockdown, choosing instead to isolate only the elderly and most vulnerable. Time will tell if that is a more sensible response.

One must wonder if the cure is worse than the disease and that we are, in fact, cutting down the forest to save a tree.

— Barrett Smith, Byron