In response to reader jJeff Bieck's recent comments about the business-related effects of the coronavirus-related social distancing requirements, I think he underestimates the unique nature of this pandemic. It is worldwide and has caused catastrophic deaths from Asia to Europe to America and beyond. Practically every medical authority here and abroad have attested to its lethal and widespread nature. It is real and It is unprecedented.

Yes, business owners are suffering economic consequences that are also real and understandably raise questions of why we're cautioned to adhere to social distancing. Fact is, we've never experienced this before. But the question is, do we go about business as usual, accepting the lethal consequences to large number of citizens, or do we do our best to mitigate the death count while searching for an effective solution.

Unfortunately, but Inevitably, this coronavirus crisis plays right into the hands of those determined to politicize our dilemma. Democrats vs Republicans. Bah! Not only is this wasted energy, but more importantly, it diverts attention from the need to develop an equitable and just solution.

— Ed Westervelt, Rockford