I can barely stand it. I have two sons. One is an intensive care unit nurse in St. Cloud, Minnesota. The other is a hospital pharmacist in Milwaukee. They have told me of the precautions taken at work and when they arrive home. Both strip in the garage and immediately put their clothes into the washing machine. Every day. Both are at or near the front line of this virus nightmare and I worry constantly.

In the meantime, the current White House resident goes on TV daily at a so called news conference, reads (poorly) from a scripted page about what a marvelous job he is doing, severs funding from the World Health Organization, thus isolating the U.S. even further from our allies, and touts his authority over state governments. It's clear he has not read the Constitution in that regard. It's clear his aim is to hasten the "opening" of the economy, even as we citizens continue to die at an alarming rate.

Have I missed anything? No doubt. But one thing I have not missed is we have the worst President at one of the worst times in our history.

— Jerry Forberg, Rockton