My age and medical issues place me in the high-risk category for the coronavirus. After watching the recent behavior of our government, my fear of the outcome of their deliberations is many times greater than my fear of contacting the virus.

The $2 trillion (that’s 2,000 billion) stimulus package was passed in true Washington style (a lot of money without much thought). It is reasonable to think that a significant amount of money is required to keep our economy from tanking in this situation. However, I fail to see where Pelosi’s insistence on $25 million for the Kennedy Center will do much for the survival of tens of thousands of U.S. small businesses.

The liberals have no interest in seeing the economy recover before the election. They see a recession, or worse, as another way to downgrade the Trump administration. To these misguided liberals, they see the coronavirus as a Godsend to further discredit Trump and promote their agenda of destruction.

They use every opportunity to introduce the Green New Deal to solve problems that don’t exist and to pass mail-in voter laws that will allow huge voter fraud in November. They have an empty suit for a candidate so they must resort to every form of corruption they can. They are so drunk with their quest for power that they are willing to destroy our nation to gain control.

We are blessed with a president who has outstanding "big picture" common sense. The medical staff on his task force would like to see random selection of participants and extensive clinical trials before the country opens. Under normal conditions this discipline provides the safest and most effective drugs in the world. I am glad they have this discipline. However, there is another part of the picture. The president must also look at the economic consequences of a shut down. This is a difficult balancing act. Economic factors can cause as much heartache and distress as the pandemic itself. Suicides and opioid use are up, domestic violence is on the increase. If the economy were to sink into a depression people would start jumping out of windows.

Every American ought to get down on their knees and thank God that Hillary Clinton is not our president. We observed her performance under pressure at Benghazi. The abuse the president has encountered from the liberals and the media is outrageous. Despite criticism for all he has done he has continued to provide unwavering guidance to steer us on the right path every step of the way. Lesser men would have folded under this pressure.

If American citizens have any hope of seeing this country great again, they will vote president Trump in for four more years, give him a majority in the house, increase the majority in the Senate and send Pelosi, Schumer, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and her squad back home.

— Rolland O. Westra, Rockford