Rich Buchanan writes, complaining about the way the administration has handled the coronavirus problem. First, he states that Trump minimized it, claiming it was a hoax. That is a piece of fake news promoted by Democrat liberals and their minions. Numerous fact checks have proven that the president never said that, but here we are, seeing it again.

Then Buchanan complains that this situation is a crisis of leadership. He got that part right, but is pointing his accusations in the wrong direction. First, on Dec. 14, the WHO (with strong ties to China) tells the world that the China virus is not contagious. From December through February, the Democrats spent all their time on a make-believe, wishful-thinking sham of impeachment hearings. During that time, the virus was recognized as dangerous, and President Trump was taking steps to contain it. His efforts were hampered though, because the only thing the Democratically controlled House could see was their myopic determination to illegitimately remove the duly elected president from office.

He further claims that neither Trump nor Kinzinger are stepping up to help us. I can’t speak to Kinzinger’s actions because I am not in his district, but President Trump has focused almost totally on this pandemic. He has made great strides in several directions to find the right solutions.

It’s fine to share opinions, but it seems that writers of such views should be sure they are based on actual facts. Propaganda such as the letter cited above only tends to muddy the water of rational thought.

— Dave Willis, Rockford