A recent editorial, “Republicans more concerned with business than helping people,” expressed a viewpoint that clearly compensated for its lack of fiscal understanding with its obvious political bias.

The author does not seem to understand the value business — and especially small business — has in our overall economy. The survival and health of our business structure is vital to our country’s economic wellbeing. Businesses create jobs that are the engine driving our economy. Without business, the government has no revenue, and no means of providing vital services to people. Everyone must come to understand that “government produces nothing.” Government takes and redistributes — that’s it. Any “jobs in government” are possible only through tax dollars — yours, mine and, regardless of popular belief, businesses’.

The author also seems oblivious to the political nature of the Democratic House bill which contained a multitude of add-ons, all far afield from anything associated with relieving the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Money for the Kennedy Center!? Please! No wonder the approval process was delayed.

Further, the massive filings by small businesses revealed the shortcomings of the original legislation. To correct this, a 25-line piece of legislation that will positively impact small businesses is being proposed (Can one believe that our government can write a 25-line piece of legislation?). Unfortunately, the partisanship of the Democrats who insist on politically motivated add-ons are delaying the process.

Whether you agree with Trump’s modus operandi, it’s clear why more and more of us believe we need to “drain the swamp”. Our legislatures, Republican and Democrat, have lost touch with the impact small businesses have on our economy and the future of our country. Let’s hope that more of us will come to understand what’s really happening and not simply react or speak or even write in a partisan way.

— Jeff Bieck, Richard Kretz