How much do you think your health is worth? According to Congressman Adam Kinzinger, not that much. He voted for $750 million in cuts to the Prevention and Public Health Fund, when he supported tax cuts to big corporations and wealthy elites in 2017 in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

He voted again on 2018’s Congressional Budget to cut $1.35 billion from the PPHF over the next 10 years. The PPHF was set up when the Affordable Care Act was created to improve health outcomes and enhance the quality of healthcare. PPHF gives money to government agencies like the CDC to prevent pandemics like COVID-19, and helps state and local governments stop the spread of diseases in communities like ours.

Kinzinger chose not to fund the Prevention and Public Health Fund, and we are now far behind the eight ball in stopping this growing pandemic that has already killed thousands. We deserve better in IL16. We need leadership that will act to support scientists, doctors and nurses in our rural hospitals to keep Illinois healthy and safe.

Join my efforts to call your friends, family, and neighbors to tell them that you’re voting for Dani Brzozowski this November.

— Megan Sedlak, Machesney Park