ROCKFORD — OSF HealthCare Saint Gabriel Digital Health has initiated the Pandemic Health Worker and its Acute COVID@Home program in the Rockford area.

PHWs will digitally connect with referred clients who are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and need to stay home or in quarantine to protect themselves and others. Through this program, OSF HealthCare and the State of Illinois will proactively and digitally support those needing care, while also reducing the potential influx of patients into a hospital’s emergency department when they don’t need emergency care.

If symptoms worsen, PHWs will refer their care recipients to the Acute COVID@Home program where supervision could increase to eventually include advanced practice provider and physician level care. Those individuals will be treated and observed using telehealth technology three times a day until they are better. If their condition continues to decline, they will be referred to the hospital.

For those who suspect they have COVID-19: 833-673-5669; the Clare chatbot at