What a fun Saturday morning. I have a group of friends who call each other the Warrior Women. Most of us have been friends for over 40 years. We meet for breakfast on Saturday mornings to catch up with each other’s lives. We, of course, have been missing each other since we are all following orders to social distance, and two of the women are in the South during the winter months.

Vickie, who is the most techie of all of us, said she was going to set up a zoom meeting for us at 9 a.m. as that is the time we usually meet. So we all had to download the Zoom app on our phones, and be ready to click in at nine. This would let us be able to see each other and talk to the entire group.

Well this is where it got difficult on our first try. Vickie knew what she was doing, and the rest of us didn’t. Once you were invited to the meeting, you had to click in at the appropriate time. So after numerous tries, only three of us were in and another one was in but she was left in the Zoom waiting room. You could see her but not hear her.

So this is what happens your picture shows up on yours, and everyone else’s screens once you have clicked to attend the meeting. We could see one of our Warrior Women but we could not hear her. So poor Vickie went in and out of the picture so many times trying to reset meeting times and passwords that she was hardly available at all. Our meeting was to last 40 minutes. We weren’t all checked in at that time, so Vickie just kept sending out passwords and more links to click on in order to extend the meeting.

Finally all seven of us got in, and we could see each other which was really fun, since two of the seven are south until the end of April. We laughed, and I kept saying we should have had a 14-year-old here so we could have gotten this figured out faster.

Now, I must add that some of the ladies cheated a bit. They did their hair and makeup for this Zoom meeting. What? The rest of us looked like we had nothing to do for the day but stay home and read.

After we all got into Zoom and said good morning to each other, it clicked us out and said our meeting was over. So the next Saturday, we tried again and it seemed to go a little faster but still some problems. We made Easter hats and wore the hats to our meeting. I figured out a way to place myself in front of a wonderful stained glass church window from one of my trips. But I couldn’t remember how I did it so I couldn’t share.

So now this coming week we are going to do this an extra day, until we get it down pat. This gives us something to look forward to.

Also, another friend and I met in a church parking lot under some trees. I parked east and she skipped a parking spot and headed west. We rolled down our windows so we could talk to each other without a problem. We each brought our own coffee, and sat like that for 90 minutes. It was so much fun to actually see her for a bit, instead of just talking on the phone. Try it if you get too bored sitting home.

Ann Young says we need to keep trying new things while we are hunkered down. Sayoung1947@gmail.com