ROCKFORD — Three residents have submitted resumes and cover letters for the Winnebago County Board District 4 vacancy.

The seat was vacated by Republican David Boomer on March 12. Applicants are Scott Anderson, Mark Olson and Michael Vaughan.

Per state statute, the vacancy will be filled within 60 days by an individual who is a Republican, eligible to serve, and a resident of District 4. The appointed candidate will serve until the new board is seated after the November 2020 election.

Public interviews are scheduled for 5 p.m. April 15. To ensure adherence to the COVID-19 Stay at Home Order, interviews will be conducted via Zoom. People can tune in at

Feedback is welcome from stakeholders including interested taxpayers, the Central Committees, County Board Republican and Democrat Caucus members and community leaders at

After receiving input, the chairman will appoint his candidate of choice on an advice and consent basis with the County Board. A majority vote of the County Board is required to approve an appointment. The appointed candidate could go to the board for a first reading on April 23, 2020 County Board meeting.

For information: 815-319-4225;