In a conversation on April 4, I was perplexed as my friend told me so much more could have been done regarding the coronavirus, if we had just been more responsive; you know, acted sooner. It takes a lot to anger me. That angered me.

What I have observed since late January 2020 is a phenomenal rapid response. I’ve also observed, over and over, that the majority of the media refused to give the administration credit for a good response. In fact, I have marveled at the “cheap shots.” Of course, Speaker of the House Pelosi told us “Trump fiddled while people died,” as she invited all to Chinatown in San Francisco.

I truly want to believe that most people are aware that Ms. Nancy held up the Senate vote on the multi-trillion-dollar relief package for at least three days while attempting to get Senator Schumer to inject aspects of the green new deal, which had nothing to do with relief for the American people.

Everything that President Trump has done, from his emergency travel order preventing flights from China on January 31, just ten days after the first case of coronavirus was reported in this country, has been met by the majority of the mainstream media, specifically CNN, MSNBC and and the New York Times with mockery and ridicule.

Then he ordered the Navy’s two hospital ships, USNS Comfort to New York and USNS Mercy to California. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow again took cheap shots at the President that they wouldn’t be on station for many weeks. President Trump made it happen in days.

Among the most significant shots at the President was his support of trying “off label” malaria drug hydroxychloroquine based on strong medical evidence that it was having positive effects on COVID 19 patients worldwide. The vultures came out of the woodwork “snake oil salesman”, Donald Trump pushes quack drugs. “Dr. Trump practices medicine without a license." The comments and their deep hatred of our President was evident at every juncture.

Now that it has been shared that over 6,200 doctors worldwide are viewing the positive effects of the drug on COVID-19 patients, the main streamers are suddenly quiet. Imagine that. If President Trump supports or encourages anything, many in the media go after him. He is a businessman who gets things done. I for one appreciate that in this time of great peril to all of us.

Let’s all of us put our politics aside and pull together to get a handle on this evil virus.

Jim Sacia is a former member of the Illinois House of Representatives