As you read this on Easter morning, the most holy day of the Christian calendar, I hope you are all well and keeping the rule of home isolation and remaining a safe distance when you must to out to the store.

As Father Brian Prall wrote in his email, I hope you will find time to tune into the church service at the National Cathedral in Washington D.C. It starts at 11 a.m. Eastern time or 10 a.m. here. It is a gloriously beautiful house of worship, and as a few friends have reported, Michael Curry, the Presiding Bishop, will preach a fabulous sermon. I have never attended a service at the cathedral, but I have visited there and it is worth a computer trip for its beauty.

Since Easter eggs and the Easter Bunny are major symbols of the holiday, coloring eggs might have been a happy activity for young children this week. Creating a centerpiece for the dining table with colored eggs, and a stuffed Easter Bunny will help to create a celebratory atmosphere for Sunday dinner on a day when most of us need a little cheer during our day.

I can recall coloring Easter eggs as a child, but mostly of what I remember is a mess on the kitchen table. Perhaps, all these years later the procedure is not so messy as many years ago, but, it still is a good activity for young children. At my home when I was small, and also when my own sons were small, the Easter Bunny always left a gift basket by our bedroom door so that when we awoke, we would find a surprise that the Bunny had left for us. There was never too much, just some colored eggs, stuffed bunny and a little bit of candy and perhaps a small little gift. But, for us that was good evidence that indeed the Easter Bunny had made a visit. However, when I was a teenager, I did receive a porcelain Easter egg that was beautiful and I still treasure it. If I had had a daughter, I probably would have given it to her by now, but I don’t think that would be an appropriate gift for two boys.

To all of you who are home alone, as I am, I wish you a happy holiday and the opportunity to share your love with your family is some way, but still obeying the safe distance rule. Telephone your children and tell them you love them. My best wishes to all.

Marsha Holden: